July 4, 2017

Women have 4x as many scholarships as men

July 4, 2017

A study some years back on college scholarships shows that women have four times as many private scholarships available to them as men.

At www.scholarships.com the list of scholarships for men is quite pathetic compared to the list of scholarships for women.

While you won’t hear about facts like these too often, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about the fact that more women go to college than men and that women are becoming frustrated with finding partners “on their level”.

This is institutional/systemic privilege at work. But, it’s certainly not male privilege. When it comes to these kinds of facts, the arguments are that this is justified based on history. The inequalities that favor women are actually admitted. This, while saying in the same breath that society is certainly a male-privileged society.

The justification for the gross inequality is that because grandma or great-grandma were apparently up against more obstacles to going to college than men (really?), our daughters today need to have all the advantage and privilege that they can get. The argument is completely devoid of logic. It’s like saying to hundred-meter sprinters today that certain people get a huge head start because other certain people in the past had obstacles and/or disadvantages.

This is exactly the kind of injustice that cannot be tolerated, according to Jordan Peterson. He states that equality of opportunity is a good thing but that its not what elites or western institutions are pushing for. What they are pushing for is equality of outcome. Let this term become part of your vocabulary because equality of outcome flies right in the face of everything our forefathers fought and died for in this country.

Source: Scholarship Study: The Real Chances of Getting Free Money for College – NerdWallet

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