July 12, 2017 Matt Pennock

Will There Be Sex in Heaven?

What a great question.

Heaven. Maybe sex is heaven for some people. But before we can answer this question we have to step back and clarify the word we’re using, heaven. This infers the Heaven of the Bible. Heaven does not exist in Buddhism, nor does it exist in Hinduism.

In Buddhism (and Hinduism as well) the after-life is Nirvana—not Kurt Cobain’s band but an enlightenment that has to do with the release of rebirth/reincarnation cycle. More accurately, it is a state. It is not a place. To make it more daunting there is a very long process of nirvana and then there is the final nirvana, called the parinirvana. Unfortunately, Buddha did not give any details about the parinirvana. And it’s very difficult for most people to get there. Buddha taught if you followed all of his instructions very carefully you possibly make it. But essentially, it is not something that lies within human conception. It’s quite abstract, like a nothingness. They say it’s “a state of being utterly without wanting.” Many might see this as nihilistic. Regardless, there is no sex to be found here.

In Islam, being like the rebellious off-spring of Judeo-Christianity in the 7th century that it was, is based on Judeo-Christian stories. So for Muslims, heaven exists, and it is a place. In Islamic heaven there are rivers flowing with milk and wine (Surah 47:15). Rivers of wine, mmmm. Time to get drunk off your rocker. The rivers of wine is considered “compensation” for what they did not get to enjoy here on earth because here on earth the Qu’ran forbids alcohol. But what about women? And sex? The Qu’ran does not forbid it, obviously. Muhammad had 11 wives including really young ones—notably the infamous Aisha girlwho was married to Muhammad at age 6 and, apparently, had it consummated by age 9. Muhammed was about 50 years her elder. So there is no need for sex compensation in heaven for Muslims, yet, they get it anyway. And boy do they get it. Surah 52:20 says, “They will be reclining on thrones lined up, and We will marry them to fair women with wide eyes.” The hadith (collection of sayings of Muhammad) point out that each guy will receive 70-100 virgins for wives who will always stay virgins. Young men who die a ‘martyr in jihad‘ (a.k.a. suicide bomber) are guaranteed the promise of paradise—milk, wine, and scores of virgins all to himself. And if virgins aren’t enough, there are servant boys at your disposal too (Surah. 52:24). Clearly, sex is really high on the list of values in Islam, for men at least. If you don’t die a jihad-martyr then you can only hope that you did enough meritorial works here to be granted entrance.

In Judaism, heaven is vague. It is spoken of very little in the Torah (the five books of Moses). Moses was given the ten commandments for living on earth “that it may go well with you” but no clear revelation of the future plan of God. Hebrew prophets spoke of future hope (Jer. 29:11), but go no further. This leaves it a bit of a mystery unless you get into Kabbalistic Judaism (mystical Judaism) then you’ll learn all kinds of mystifying ideas about seven different heavens.

When Jesus appeared and started his movement, Christianity, he spoke in concrete terms of Heaven, calling it “The Kingdom of Heaven” (Matt. 18:3, 19:23, Mark 4:26-29) Jesus has a ton to say about heaven and what it is. It is a kingdom, a nation, a country, a civilization. Its qualities are all born of heaven.

The first man was from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is from heaven.
 1 Cor. 15:47

So likewise, the first civilizations were from the earth, the second civilization is from heaven. The Scripture wants us to see that our imperfect earthly kingdoms are like mirror images of the perfect heavenly kingdom. That’s why Jesus told us to think of it in terms of “a kingdom” and not an ambiguous state of being.” The resurrected Jesus, the second Adam, is a mirror image of us earthly Adams, only perfect. These clues are so big that we shouldn’t have to wonder, “what will heaven be like?” It is a kingdom.

The closest Jesus gets to addressing sex is at Matthew 22:30 where he says, “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” Because this is as far as it goes, debate has ensued over what exactly it means and different schools of thought provided by theologians. Some say this means no sex. Some are not so sure. By teaching a ‘resurrection’ Jesus is obviously talking about a down-to-earth like life—heaven being something not so much new as in something re-newed.

But a practical down-to-earth consideration of this verse would tell us that Heaven is a do-over of life on this planet, and not a Star-Trek teleportation to some other dimension or planet in space. There is no indication anywhere in the Bible of a complete change of plans from the plan God had at the beginning in Genesis 1 and 2 which shows that God’s plan was to make sexual beings who would enjoy one another and their habitation that they were made for forever. The resurrection as a reboot of the great computer program of creation would theoretically mean that the man and woman would be ‘back in the garden’ from which they were banned, naked and unashamed. However, there will be the symbolic white robes worn by all the redeemed:

After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands… (Revelation 7:9)

These robes are highly symbolic of restored honor:

They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 7:14)

But this picture is of a celebration and not a freeze frame of eternity. Eternity is a continual flow of creativity within fixed boundaries (i.e. “the narrow path”). The redeemed will continue to do everything that humans were created to do—be human, social, and most definitely sexual. Or, are we not sexual beings at our core? But we are. Our sexuality is at the very core of our beings. In fact, the Word of God wishes for us blind humans to understand sex in terms of its greater glorious and enigmatic truth in that our little microcosms of sex (i.e. the dancing together and the marriage bed) are pointed and conceptually simple revelations of a truly, mindbogglingly huge reality. Our little microcosms of sex are small, perpetual revolutions that spawn life and joy. The dance goes ’round and ’round, gives and returns and gives again, do-si-do.  Who is angry when they dance together? When harmony is achieved, joy springs forth. This is the way that creation was created. That’s true sex. What we have made sex out to be is the opposite—a wasteland of tug-of-war, exploitation, and robbery which produces only one outcome—grief. You and I live in a world of false sex. People are duped, scammed, and ripped-off by false sex every hour of everyday. What’s really sad is people keep going back to the same things that ripped them off in the first place. Foolish people we are!

The redeemed will also be physically unhindered by decay and death and work would be as it was intended—easy and pleasurable. Our bodies will be new and immortal and restored. Consider that the woman was constructed by God (Hebrew banah in Gen 2:22) and then note Song of Songs 7:1

The curves of your thighs [hips] are like jewels, the work of the hands of a master craftsman.
(Songs 7:1 NET)

The Father of Creation crafted those female hips. The whole of Song of Songs chapter 7 speaks of the entire female body as a refined work of art. Every daughter of God will see such a finely crafted resurrected body. Every son of God will cherish and respect them. There will be no more robbery, exploitation, or ripping off anymore. Jesus said that the institution of marriage would no longer exist, but you can be sure that the male and female dance will resume for eternity the way it was meant to.

There is a more telling clue in that same verse, “like angels in heaven”. Nowhere in the Bible are female angels mentioned. They are all male (Michael, Gabriel, Satan, etc.). So what Jesus was talking about was the fact that angels don’t take wives. This is the context of the verse. But angels can have sex and also procreate. In Genesis 6:2 angels, “sons of God”, took daughters of men and ‘married’ them and then “gave birth” to giant humans. They weren’t supposed to do this and thus apparently ended up in punishment (2 Pet. 2:4, Jud. 1:6). Will a woman be without a womb? Of course not. Will the earth be without its “womb” from which life sprouts forth? Of course not. Humans will still be sexual beings (male and female) in the resurrection and capable of procreation.

So while Heaven may be a ‘reboot’, sex and procreation there are issues absent from the texts. There is also the interesting fact that the inauguration of the Kingdom of God is by a wedding between the Church “Bride” and Christ himself, also called the “marriage supper of the lamb”. Clearly, there is a lot more to this issue than we can comprehend. We have not known true sex or the true dance between the feminine and masculine. The world around us is in an irreparable state and must be leveled to start again.  Jesus’ words ultimately lead us to consider Heaven as a place that is far better than the anything we’ve ever thought or experienced sexually because those thoughts and experiences are all broken. In a 50 Shades of Gray age people absolutely enslaved by broken, corrupt, and false sex that brings only more and more grief by the hour. This is the dark path which we are on and is growing darker by the day. Satanic sex dominates the land and it tells us this is all there is to it. The truth is, no eye has seen, and no ear has heard what is in store for those who believe…

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Germán PM

I have often wondered why God made Adam and Eve with complementary sexual organs in the first place if they were not to enjoy sex before their sin. I hardly think God would have done that in anticipation of the Fall. It sounds like God is changing his design for humanity, but the Bible says that “God is the same yesterday, today and forever”. That doesn’t make sense. It seems logical to me that they may very well be used after the resurrection of the body with identifiable sexual organs. If the communion that is God’s love redeems all things,… Read more »