September 13, 2017 Matthew

Why NCFM, VFM, and other Men’s Rights Movements are Dead Wrong

I think there is a reason why many of these “Men’s Rights Movements” and groups never seem to get anywhere influentially and always seem to be sulky environments that remind me of dank caves no one really cares to venture into unless they are those who have decided that they prefer dark holes. And it’s not because what they write or speak about isn’t true. In fact, most of their complaints are quite valid. But I think that’s just it….they’re organized complaining movements.

It’s when you get men so deluded to the point that they actually feign to fight for themselves you have succeeded in the complete, wholesale defeat of manhood and proving to everybody that men are useless to society.

It’s like a sound wave that cancels itself out and, though present, becomes silent. It’s like white noise which is used to create an inverse of another sound to block the ears from picking it up. It’s self-defeating.

Manhood is sacrificial initiation, not recumbent nay-saying or whining. It is not pandering to self-interests and perceived individual rights. Real men give up their rights. The greatest heroes we know, and whose legacies seem to never die, are those who who gave up everything including their very right to breathe. Show me that movement; I’ll join.

This is what makes manhood a bit of an oxymoron. William Wallace could be said to be a man who refused to give up his right to freedom. Except when he gave his life, he most certainly gave up his right to freedom on earth. He gave it up, and they took it. And sliced him into four or five pieces and sent his body parts to the four corners of the kingdom, to boot.

His spirit was the spirit of community and clan. His fight for freedom was intrinsic to his own people’s freedom. He did not fight for himself but for them.

He effectively told his enemy, “you cannot have my soul.” But his soul was not a a lonely soul lost in some abysmal, nihilistic nirvana and wandering in circles. His soul was a Scottish soul. This is where his cry for freedom was rooted. Identity runs much deeper than rights.

Identity is deeper than rights. “You can have everything, but you cannot have me.” If you don’t know who you really are, you will struggle with this (like our entire post-modern generation, presently).

The same thing happened with Jesus who, when confronted by his own enemy Satan in the wilderness, refused to surrender his soul. Jesus effectively told him you can take my rights and my earthly freedoms—which he did—but you can never have my soul. Jesus was, and always would be, one thing—the son of God and the first-born of all creation. Satan got him bound and imprisoned, tortured and finally crucified in the hopes, no doubt, that maybe Jesus would falter and sell-out to selfish feelings. But falter Jesus did not. The blood rushed out, his head nodded, his lungs gave out, and he became the greatest hero the world has ever known.

He showed the world exactly how a men’s movement is to work.




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