February 24, 2018 Matthew

Why I Trust Ben Shapiro for My News

The entire internet is a digital abyss of 1s and 0s where anything can be edited and anything can be hacked. Now that the cat’s out of the bag on Russia spending $1 million a month to hack American politics and divide America with deception, it is more obvious than ever that the internet is no more secure than a back-alley in Detroit.

The media, newspapers, and social media, in taking political positions, invariably report with bias which is to be expected and not necessarily bad in itself. However, as those platforms have all but rejected the morality of God and walked over the highest American value we’ve ever held (“In God We Trust”), the most important rule we could abide by in our speech is gone:

“Do not give false testimony against your neighbor. ” (Exodus 20:16)

Ben Shapiro

If that’s no longer our cultural standard, what’s to stop media from misleading people? Nothing. So who can you rely on for accurate reporting of news and events anymore? How about a practicing Jew for whom the Law of Moses is of utmost importance? That would be Ben Shapiro.  If there is one thing I can trust a practicing Jew to do it is to uphold the ten commandments to a “T”. That is why I can be confident that not only will Ben not lie but neither will he “spin” or “splice and dice” news to fit a narrative or bias. He knows he is obligated to report as accurately and faithfully to the facts as possible.

Dennis Prager is another practicing Jew who lives under the Law of Moses. Beyond these people I have found few reliable sources of news and reporting. I have to know one’s standard of morality before I can believe they are being honest. Even if Ben were to report something incorrectly, I can be sure he didn’t do it intentionally. Plug-in to his sites:


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