February 1, 2018 Matthew

Why biblicalgenderroles.com is an abyss

I have recently been skimming through a website that has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years entitled, Biblical Gender Roles located at biblicalgenderroles.com. The views this teacher expresses are radically counter-cultural to the postmodern-feminist standards of Western society. His teachings are “based” on the Scriptures and as such are all categorically listed as “biblical” topics (i.e. biblical dating, biblical marriage, biblical divorce, biblical masculinity, biblical sexism, biblical submission, etc.)

I’m still deciding whether I’d rather go to a snake-handling church or his church (which I doubt he has). His hermeneutic method is completely devoid of the Holy Spirit and reminds me of a Muslim sheik’s interpretation of the Bible. Spend enough time there and you feel a sense of foolish Galatian legalism creep up your members like a plague until you suddenly find yourself in an abyss of directionless darkness. The chief aim of this teacher is sex. All he can think about is sex and all he can teach about is sex. This guy’s mind is consumed by it. Manhood and womanhood you will not find here. Yet it attracts and sucks in thousands upon thousands of Christians (guys mostly) like zombies drawn to the smell of flesh. It’s for those who have little or no control over themselves. The weak-willed. Unfortunately, this is far more Christian men than we’d like to admit.

The biggest thing I call this teacher out for, and which seems to be glaringly obvious to me, is this: he is a coward. The entire teaching ministry is shrouded in complete anonymity. There is no face, no name, no credentials, no nothing. Commenters address him as “BGR”, the acronym for the site title. As long as this teacher hides his face and identity from the world, his teachings aren’t worth the pixels they use on my screen. To those who look up to this “teacher”, are you really willing to believe a man who cannot show himself a man? (1 Kin. 2:2)

His teachings are so intensely radical and up the wall they would incite a small war against him on many fronts.  I dare him to show his face. Show us all how much you stand by your teaching.




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