What is a Lumbersexual?

This new label is defining a generation of men who are essentially trying to be counter-urban-cultural. Or counter-metro-sexual. It’s attempt to look the part of a man from a bygone era. I appreciate the attempt actually, because at least they are recognizing the symbols and tokens of a hard working man and desiring to look like one. It might also be an indicator of a growing interest among women to have such a man for themselves. Even if it is somewhat a facade.

From BirchboxMan.com comes this definition:

As for the lumbersexual, think of him as the buttoned-down, bearded version of a metrosexual, or a grown-up version of a hipster. He’s the kind of guy who enjoys craft beers and cortados, who cuffed his selvedge jeans until that went out of style, and who has his finger on the pulse of the latest technology, restaurants, or underground pop culture.

Source: https://www.birchbox.com/guide/article/what-is-a-lumbersexual

The article lists five main signifiers of the lumbersexual:

  1. Facial hair. I’m ok with this one because it’s not really their own making.
  2. Wardrobe. Flannel. What else?
  3. The home. Goes for the trendy neighborhoods until rising rents force him out to the fringes or another trendy neighborhood. On this point I think the author is spot on.
  4. Diet. Yep.
  5. Lifestyle. Yes. Or what we might call, the iStyle. Who needs a chainsaw when you got a sleek Mac Airbook?

This article, which finds lumbersexuality endearing, points out more interesting facts (more and more guys sneaking the use of their girlfriend’s/wive’s/sister’s beauty products.)

Now you’re stealing from girls. Stop it.

Go watch a real lumberjack…