May 1, 2007 Matthew

Turks protest Turkey’s pro-Islamic Government

This is definitely a historic event for the sake of the Gospel!

Turkey is 99.7% Muslim. Now isn’t that strange that 750,000 Turks would be protesting their pro-Islamic government? What’s going on here?
For decades, Turkey has been high on the hit-list for those around the world praying for missions and the spread of the Gospel.
According to Operation World (2001), “Turkey remains the largest unreached nation in the world. For over 1,000 years it was a bastion of Christianity, but it became a strong propagator of Islam…Barriers of prejudice and hatred of the gospel can appear insurmountable…The Turkish church has at last become a visible reality, but still only constitutes 0.003% of the ethnic Turkish population…A radical change in public attitudes and press coverage of Christians must be prayed for.”

But God is making the way straight. When I was visiting Turkey a few years ago, I knew this place was ripe for the gospel.
Turkey has long been torn in different directions due to history and religion and the very appealing opportunity of joining the European Union. And as it is, more now than ever, Turkey is on its way to becoming a member of the EU. Some speculate in the next decade when their economy is balanced with the rest of the EU nations. Yesterday’s protest is evidence of the shift of the public’s interest in moving toward modernism and everything else the West has to offer. That is huge. Pray that God sends workers!

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