July 5, 2017 Matt Pennock

Trump: “We don’t worship government, we worship God.”

“Above all else, we know this. In America we don’t worship government, we worship God.” – President Donald Trump at the July 1st Freedom Rally.

Just to hear such a statement from a United States President is unprecedented in at least the last couple of decades. It’s staggering.

His speeches reflect those of presidents ever since the inception of the USA whose speeches seemed to have an ingredient of preaching intertwined in them. It was not an unexpected or uncommon thing to hear preachy-like speeches all the way up to Ronald Reagan. It wasn’t so much with the Bush family, and it was certainly not the case with Clinton and Obama.

Presidents of old wanted to share their beliefs with others. Only in the last decade or so with Clinton and Obama have people been left in the dark about what the president really believes or stands for. With the advent of Trump, his speeches, almost every one, leave no one guessing. In a recent Independence day speech Trump tells the incredible story of a guy named Harry who enlisted at 15 and went to Europe to fight in WWII who is actually present at the meeting along with numerous other war heroes. Trump shows a keen interest in veterans. Men who fought, sacrificed, and became heroes. His speech shows that he has actually informed himself on historical battles and generals such as George Patton. Patton was a famous general during WWII. What this shows is that Trump does not live under a progressive worldview where all things old are inherently inferior. Progressives, leftists, etc. generally live under a worldview that time moves in a positive sum direction which means the more time passes the more superior humans get. Traditional manhood falls under ‘old and outdated’ or ‘inferior’ in this worldview. The conservative worldview however sees things quite the opposite and thus recognizes that traditional manhood is the foundation that keeps civilization from collapsing.

Whatever your opinion of Trump’s character—which I have my own—the election of this president marks a tectonic shift in the culture wars and the revival of the forgotten history of America and old-school American values. Manhood movements have suddenly become emboldened and influential whereas in the 1990s they were rather weak sauce efforts with little lasting influence., and women are suddenly found listening. It’s hard to detect unless you stand back far enough, but give it enough time and it will become more than apparent that the proverbial pendulum has swung back.

Of course, America will never be the same as it was. It is as complex as it ever was and will only get more complex, and more sinister things will happen to try to undermine its traditional Christian values. It was only 5 or 10 years ago that everyone was hopelessly up in arms that “America is not a Christian nation anymore.” The truth is that it is and it isn’t. The recent surge of cultural war and violence is a manifestation of that. It shouldn’t be that surprising.

But what is particularly great to see is that there is an an awakening sweeping across the land. A great example is a recent Young Women’s Leadership Conference event held in Dallas, TX to which Ben Shapiro was invited. The ladies at the conference loved him, and yet Ben was completely unafraid to tell them when asked that the ‘wage gap’ hype was exactly that, hype and not true. And get this, they listened.


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