February 10, 2007 Matthew

Tibet Trip Answers to Prayer

Well I finally had time to go over my financial records and calculate all the expenditures and donations up for the Tibet mission trip. Donations were within $30 of the total cost, without asking anyone for anything. Not bad. Thanks to all who made it possible!

As for the prayers…
1) safe and warm – we were safe. we froze a lot though.
2) God making ‘seeing eyes blind’ – we had no problem with the literature!
3) divine appointments – we had many!
4) spared from sickness – I felt like dying, Chris and James came down with illness for a brief time.
5) granted providence – indeed answered!!
6) spiritually protected – yes. being around many temples/idols/and entrenched Tibetans, this was clear.

Praying is a learning experience. Never stop learning it….
Thanks to all for your sacrifices, they are always a pleasing aroma, always a blessing.