August 3, 2017

“Transgender man gives birth to baby boy in Oregon”

August 3, 2017

A transgender man has given born to a baby boy in the US.  Trystan Reese, from Portland, Oregon, was born female but started taking hormones almost a decade ago.  He stopped when he got pregnant and has now given birth to a son, Leo.

Source: Transgender man gives birth to baby boy in Oregon | The Independent

This article is a perfect example of the absolute confusion and illogic into which Western society is heaving itself. Perhaps it’s intended to be confusing.  The headline quip makes it sound like something extraordinary just happened. And yet nothing extraordinary happened.

I’m not sure whether it is expected that we will eventually get used to this or learn how this linguistic yoga works.

“A transgender man gives birth.” Is the baby boy a “gender assignment” or is that based on biology?

“He was born female.” Are we inferring he was a girl and someone’s daughter?

“He got pregnant.” Who are you talking about?

“Birth to a son.” Is that another assignment? How do you know?

“two men having a biological child.” How does that work?

I ask these questions because they want us to. They don’t want us using the old “binary” labels (and yet they use them here.)

Are you confused yet?

As I learned English in elementary school, I would have flunked the class if I wrote something fashioned like this article with all of its incoherent mix of pronouns and confusing language. You literally have to sit there and study the news piece just to figure out what they are trying to tell you. It’s like an enigma. They could be very straight and clear about this because the story is quite simple and uninteresting but they choose not to. They want it to be confusing. The media is not reputable information for thinking people anymore. It is an emotional machine fueled by deceit.

I could care less for most of this sort of thing but that the state let these two adopt two children infuriates me. This is the current level of nefarious ineptitude in our own government (I’ve lived in Portland my whole life by the way). Portland, for all it’s wonders and beautiful green is one of the worst places for children. It sacrifices its kids to Molech and thinks nothing about their welfare and future. Its completely rank with pedophiles, sex trafficking, strip clubs, public nudity protests, and everything in between because the people love it. It has become a harbor for indecency.