Thomas Sowell on The Effects of Victimology

Indoctrination is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

This is what makes indoctrination bad news. As an individual you have the capability of looking into something for yourself. Have you ever stopped to think that you might have had precepts and doctrines drilled into your head your whole life by the powers that be? What choice did you have in the matter? If you had no choice, how free from indoctrination are you really? The humbling part for all of us is accepting the fact that we are weak on our own and thus susceptible to all sorts of indoctrination. Especially as kids. Who has the time to look into all of the social doctrines of our time anyway?

That’s why a change of heart and the guidance of the Spirit of real wisdom, counselstrengthunderstanding, and knowledge is necessary.

And the Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD. Isa. 11:2