Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart... 1 Pet. 3:4

Imperishable Beauty

The woman is the glory of man...

We get Paul's statement wrong time and time again because of our long history of cultural conditioning, fear mongering, and indoctrination. When women come to this verse (1 Cor. 11:7) they often subconsciously read this: "...man is the servant of God, and woman is the servant of man." But lo, this is not what it says. Rather, man is the glory of God, and woman the glory of man. What is glory? It's the championing, the exercise of one's absolute best abilities, the most costly, the best ever.

In my ten years of research into manhood and what the Scriptures have to say about it, I did not forget to pay attention to what it had to say about women. One thing that stood out is that all instructive counsel and admonishment to women on womanhood was essentially given by men. Not quite like our modern women's ministries, is it? In one case a man passed on instruction---or an oracle to be exact---which he learned from his mother, the famous Proverbs 31 woman. From Adam to Moses to King Solomon to King Lemuel to the prophets to Jesus to Paul to Peter however, scriptural instruction was always from a male figure. This is a bone of contention for the feminist vision since they will point to exactly this as a proof that men have always been trying to control women. But closer study shows, overwhelmingly, that the Scriptures don't oppress the woman, they liberate her. It is the world and its tsunamis of social fashion, consumerism, temptations to wealth and power, idle comforts, and materialism that does the woman grave injustice---leaving her disillusioned, suffering worse than she did when she only thought she was, and ultimately buried in ignominy, aloneness, and sadness. Men who don't care that women are driving themselves into a hole of self-destruction are not real men. And those men who actually support women driving themselves into a lonely oblivion, those are the misogynists.  Just as a father who cares not whether his child gets himself into trouble hates his child (Prov. 13:24), so men who don't care when women are running headlong into traps, hate women. God as a father cares deeply about women and thus did not leave them without a witness or instruction.

Coming in 2018.