There Is But One Thing Necessary

Filled with empty tasks and overcome with anxiety
Her heart is debauched with the wine of yesterday’s agendas, tomorrow’s plans,
today’s hopes
Her face is low and cumbersome to look at.
The pace of her work is multiplied into ignorance
As the sun rises and vents its clandestine gleam upon her
It glances off of her back; she is turned away in the darkness of her task

What task, what approval, what accomplishment is written
That could be likened to the contract of blood made in ancient of days
Made to accomplish what cannot be accomplished
Made to create what cannot be created?

What word, what deed, what success
Can meet the measure of your Fathers request?
Your collage of hand shaking, dedicating, certificating, accumulating
Is a dying tree cluttered with the ornaments of death!

Distractions and hopes behind picture frames
Faithfulness and devotion to the dust and the flies
Complaints and grievances on those who do not accumulate
She equates her master’s favor in the multiplication, subtraction, and division of time

Light is warm and becoming; she sees her sister is enamored
But there is little regard in her eyes for that one
She is desperate for a better image, a better status
Manipulation, vice, emotional condescension; how clenched is her heart!

Can she not see the better portion? The proven and finished work?
Are her eyes glazed with the stains of promotion?
O faithless daughter! How long will you slumber on the scales of production?
Freedom cries out at the gates!
Will you not let her in?

Martha, Martha, O my American Daughter!
Where is the salve to relinquish your hidden troubles?
Your children are crying in the streets!
Relieve me of the equations and absurd schedules of pomp and circumstance!
Let down the apron of your distress, and come!
Cast off the agendas of pride and self-sufficiency, O Daughter of maldevelopment!
Come out from behind the picture frames, come sit; turn your face!
Remove the veil and behold the warmth of the gleam
which was cast forth for you from days of old!
Seek the better way, the way of the One!
For there is “but one thing necessary”!