The World-Wide Beard Renaissance

I’ve been trying to track down the point in time at which this interesting, world-wide, beard revival began. It looks like somewhere around 2010 is when it really began as a trend. Within the last 3 or 4 years however, companies like Beardbrand (2012), Texas Beard Company (2014), Dollar Beard Club (2015) began to spring up to capitalize on this (when $$$ is to be made then you know it’s for real). The company Beards are Sexy, launched in 2015, is really going the distance with this trend with the slogan, “A man doesn’t grow a beard, the beard grows the man.” Countless other companies selling beard products have sprung up all over the place.

All of these started within the last few years and all of them play off of some form of masculinism, machismo, manliness scheme. That or axes. (what’s the deal with all the axes?)

Numerous beard channels on Youtube in the same vein as girl’s make-up channels have popped up in recent times. The Beardology beard grooming channel began just in Oct. of 2016 and already has had over 380,000 views.

For the past four or five years there has been an East Coast and West Coast Beard and Mustache Championship. Apparently Beard clubs and championships have been around for a while, if not in internet form, according to the World Beard Championships website. They made their first appearance in the US back in 2003.

Other videos that have come out in the last year or so have gotten millions of views like this, or this, or this, or this.

Doctors have reported a growing interest in beard transplants since 2014.

There are Pinterest boards on beards: Beard style on Pinterest

I think there is much that could be said about the larger culture wars and gender dysphoria these days and that men everywhere are ready to draw the line. Even if it is excessive and superficial. Will this be the decade of separating the boys from men?

Or will it prove to be just another fashion fed by marketing gimmicks to lead lost souls further and further into a cultural abyss….