The Red Pill Movement and Our Future

One of the latest developments in the battle of the sexes—a battle which is truly defining our era (almost as much as our hyper-sexuality)—is the Red Pill Movement.  This is a fast growing men’s movement based on severe disillusionment with American women and society’s repeated demonization of manhood and masculinity. The pressure cooker is blowing up and men are coming out of their man caves but, I’m afraid to say, it’s not good.

There are over 180,000 subscribers to The Red Pill Forum on Reddit. It has become an outlet for men who are fed up to find company in their disillusionment. Media outlets around the world have begun to take notice. It’s growing fast. Many will write it off as just more misogyny. But I think that is a mistake as there is much, much more to this than just a pile of men ganging up on women. It takes a lot to get men to start a movement. It’s not in their nature to rally up and seek social justice. They just want to work, eat, be with their women, and live their lives. They’re uncomplicated creatures. So when you see a large and rapidly growing movement of men rallying for some sort of justice, you know it’s serious.

A feature length documentary on The Red Pill movement, done by a feminist interestingly, is due this year.

Now for the scary part.

There have been plenty of men’s rights movements in the past both secular and religious such as Robert Bly’s archetypal (Iron John) movement and Christianity’s Promise Keeper’s movements.
But I think it was made plain that when men rally themselves around justice issues they really suck at it. By nature, men are builders and it’s only when you come to take or destroy what we’ve built that we will rise up with vigor and shed our blood to protect it. We will go down with the ship. But men’s rights movements? Yawn.

This Red Pill movement is not really a men’s rights movement at heart. It’s a different monster altogether. It is essentially a vengeful response to third wave feminism. They feel manhood has been blighted, which it has. But at the heart is a philosophy and fatalistic view that our culture breeds women who make terrible wives and there’s nothing that can be done anymore about it so the only thing left is for men to “up their game” and get as much sex out of them as possible. They are no good for anything else. Relationships are out the window. For wives look elsewhere—the recommendations are plentiful on the board—like Eastern Europe, South America, or South East Asia.

Consider some of the more important terms of a growing Red Pill glossary:

  • Manosphere – describes a loose network of websites that promote a sort of neomasculinity (a.k.a. men’s rights, pick-up artists, and body-building). The uniting link between all of them is their universal disdain for feminism.
  • The Red Pill – “a person who is purported to have woken up to the fact that society discriminates against men, not women”
  • The Blue Pill – “a person who hasn’t woken up to the fact that society discriminates against males, not females”
  • Beta Male – A beta is a male who is somewhat inept in relationships with females and thus doesn’t get “enough” sex
  • Paleomasculinism – “views male domination and female submission as part of the natural order of things, and is held by many red pill adherents. Paleomasculinism as a movement seeks to distance itself from the men’s rights movement and PUAs/gamers.”

The movement has a interesting thing to say about misogyny: “Misogyny is hatred of women, which nobody in the manosphere has. Nobody.”

Men and women are as deeply divided against one another as the left is from the right, and the liberal from the conservative. How much longer will we survive? Animal behaviorology is playing a larger and larger role in how our society’s culture is constructing itself. But we’re not just turning into animals because even animals get along with each other. We are turning into monsters.

This leads me to a prediction for a future that is bleak, much bleaker than now, for the relationship and marriage world. Already it has turned into a swipe-left-or-right-Tinder-dating world. This is the beginning of a relationship-less and marriage-less society. Marriage will in fact be outlawed:

Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars, whose consciences are seared with a hot iron. They will prohibit marriage and require abstinence from certain foods that God has created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. (1 Timothy 4:1-3)

It will be men and women gaming each other for sex and power, and nothing more. It will be the fulfillment of Karl Marx’s communist manifesto which is anti-family, anti-father, and anti-marriage. But it’s even worse than that for these movements are based on a primal-paleo-instinct-is-truth philosophy and are amoral. Being amoral, what is there holding these extremely frustrated men back from raping women? Only the government and consequences of possible punishment? How well is that working? And right now, everywhere, men are studying, working-out, or training feverishly to “up their game” for nothing more than to sexually conquer women.

I know this does not sit well with God, and he will destroy us on account of these things. But the people of his Word have a morality–a heart, a conscience–that hold them back from exploiting others. Yet as I sit here and write, I think, do the men of God also have a conscience and heart to not hold back but intervene in the exploitation of others? It takes men to stop men.