April 30, 2017 Matt Pennock

The Pulpit Commentary ★★★★★

Of the vast numbers of commentaries that came out of the 19th century, this is one of my favorite. I have been using the Pulpit Commentary for almost a decade for my biblical research. It is a monumental work covering 30 years of work with contributions by over 100 authors, preachers, and theologians. It is one of the best selling sets of its kind and an ultimate go-to resource for any student of the Scriptures. With the 23 volumes it might be an expensive set of books to purchase for some but thankfully the entire work is available to search and read through on the internet. All 22,000 pages of it.

Every father should be a resident theologian of his home and I highly recommend that he make use of this resource. It is accessible enough that anyone who has the ability to read can utilize it to great worth. It’s absolutely indispensable.

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