The Masculine Journey: Understanding the Six Stages of Manhood by Robert Hicks

Robert Hicks gives us a book about the biblical roots of manhood as revealed by six key Hebrew words in the Bible for “man”: Adam, Zakar, Gibbor, Enosh, Ish, and Zaken. Hicks explains these as meaning Creational Male, Phallic Male, The Warrior, The Wounded Male, The Mature Man, and The Sage respectively. These are interpreted as life stages or seasons of a man’s life, hence the title, Masculine Journey. I found the book to be useful in my research and I recommend it. He is informed on men’s issues have read books such as Warren Farrell’s Myth of Male Power and Robert Bly’s Iron John. One is still left wanting after reading this book as it only speaks of life cycles. If I am a warrior, and God is a warrior, and the Messiah is a warrior, then how am I to war? While there isn’t much on the how’s and why’s it is still an excellent start for reflection on where you might be at in life.
Indeed, these stages and his descriptions are good predictors of what is in store for us.