Memoirs of a boy growing up in an anti-male culture

The Long Road to Manhood

Matt is an average guy. His parents divorced when he was very young. He was taken away from his father who was a stable working tradesman and sergeant in the military. Life exploded. His younger brother became a meth addict, his older a gang member and subsequent felon. His father ended up an exploited veteran with terrible health and a foreclosed home, condemned to a dank trailer and the bottle to numb the pains. His mother somehow managed to earn a Master's degree and a six-figure income and eventually marry into another family. For the entire first twenty years of his life Matt had no guidance, no direction, and no personal character building. He went unnoticed. He was often ignored, rejected, or bullied at school. He felt worthless and completely lost.
Suddenly he was out in the world on his own and hell was waiting for him there too...
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                            The True Adam