God really did say “Be men”

This word appears only one time in all of scripture. It is God himself speaking it. Modern Church has long ditched it.

 הִתְאֹשָׁ֑שׁוּ hitoshashu

Strong’s #377. “Denominative from ‘iysh; to be a man, i.e. Act in a manly way — show (one) self a man.”

Remember this, and become men: bring it again to mind, O ye transgressors.

Isaiah 46:8 Literal

The verb is in the Hithpo’el form which is a reflexive verb form that literally means “to become a man”. This isn’t God giving a pep talk. You are an animal, a creature on all fours, so long as you are not walking upright. Some people are doubled over for a long time. That is exactly what it is like to be under the burden of sin. The only way to be set free and become a man is to die to the law of sin and death. Stop trying to follow rules. Learn wisdom.