the last days #13

Because end time events are so deeply shrouded in mystery and figurative language, it is inevitable that people will miss their true meanings. “Prophets” come and go and lay claim to have “figured it out”. For some reason they love to hand out collection plates and sign book contracts. But it’s foolish and nonsense because prophetic mysteries are not figured out by wit, intuition, or human will, so that no one can boast. No one can boast. God alone reveals the interpretations. It will not be that guy on TV, or the man dressed in soft clothing, or the man weak as a reed who sways to every new theological fashion and book deal that comes his way.

So when we read about the two witnesses in Revelation 11 we don’t need to find a prophet to tell us the interpretation. God already gave it to us. The two witnesses are two olive trees and two lampstands.

the seven lampstands are the seven churches. Rev. 1:20

The vision of the olive trees is based on an earlier revelation in Zechariah 4. The parallels give away the relationship between these two narratives:

the two olive treesthat stand before the Lord of the earth” Rev. 11:4

“These are the two sons of the oil, who are standing by the Lord of the whole earth.” Zech 4:14 YLT

You must also pay attention to how the two olives trees in Zechariah 4 inexplicably become two olive branches. Something happens between verse 11 and 12 that leads to Zechariah revising his question, but it is not recorded….

Incidentally, the “seven churches” need their own interpretation. So what we are left with are mysteries within mysteries. Interpretations that require interpretations. Why does God do this? He’s like the ultimate wise guy and trickster tricking every living soul out there who thinks they can just pick up a paraphrase and sit down for a few minutes and get a satisfactory idea of what God is up to. Truly, the scriptures were not written for such men. This is the way of the corrupt Church. It is enslaved, eating crumbs, licking the moisture off the ground. They do not want to sacrifice anything to pursue the truth which might not be that big of a deal except that they always seem to scorn and belittle those who do.

They are barely alive, content with a measly mist that rises from the earth while rejecting an entire flowing river that gives drink to the garden. They are blind feeling about in darkness and walking in anxiety rather than being able to see so they can walk in boldness. Where God has destroyed the line of corporate rule and social tyranny to create a free brotherhood, they put it right back place by giving honor to the “clergy” and crap to the “lay”.  She sits at the entrance and tells her followers, “Stolen bread and water is sweet! He who lacks judgement turn in here!” Her eyes are weak and her appearance is ugly rather than beautiful in form and face. She rides high on the proud, wealthy camels, but when her lord arrives she falls off the thing and wonders “who is he??” because she doesn’t recognize him. The Church is presently an abode of slavery that thinks to subdue the man with chains and shackles in a vain attempt to solve his problems with his two thousand demons. They build their own tower with bricks in place of hewn stones and use tar in place of mortar.

By now you may be realizing that I am re-writing everything you’ve probably ever heard or thought you knew about the last days and our hope that is to come. This is because the amount of bias–doctrinal or otherwise–that has infiltrated the Church and our translations is actually quite astounding. As long as no “lay” people undertake to study the Word in the original languages, or the literal, the ruling class can maintain their pomp and circumstance and their fat paychecks. So they make sure to tell everyone it’s not necessary to study the originals and to steer away from literal translations like Young’s because “they are for students and can’t be easily understood by the lay people.”

So here’s another truth you probably knew nothing about:

but the death did reign from Adam till Moses, even upon those not having sinned in the likeness of Adam’s transgression, who is a type of him who is coming. Romans 5:14 YLT

Paul did not say Adam was a pattern or foreshadow of the one who was to come as most translations put it but rather the one who is coming. This matters because the story of the Son is one: the one who was, who is, and is coming (Rev. 1:8 and 4:8). These are three separate stories or dispensations. This is all one gigantic, deeply harmonized work of God.