January 19, 2016 Matthew

Παράκλητος, The Helper

No man is an island. No man of God achieved nobility, honor, or accomplishment on his own.  He had the Great Advocate.

Ancient Context

παρά-κλητος , ον,

A. called to one’s aid, in a court of justice : as Subst., legal assistant, advocate, D.19.1, Lycurg. Fr.102, etc.
2. summoned, “δοῦλοιD.C.46.20, cf. BGU601.12 (ii A.D.).
II. intercessor, Ph.2.520 : hence in NT, Παράκλητος, of the Holy Spirit, Ev.Jo.14.16, cf. 1 Ep.Jo.2.1.


Biblical Context

3875 paráklētos (from 3844 /pará, “from close-beside” and 2564 /kaléō, “make a call”) – properly, a legal advocate who makes the right judgment-call because close enough to the situation. 3875/paráklētos (“advocate, advisor-helper”) is the regular term in NT times of an attorney (lawyer) – i.e. someone giving evidence that stands up in court.

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