The Heavens are Counting Ones

God told Abraham about Heaven.

And he is causing to go out אֶת-himself the Outside-ward, and is saying, `Look, now, Heavens-ward, and count the Stars, if thou are able to record אֶת-themselves.` And he is saying to-himself, `Thus he is thy seed.`

Genesis 15:5 literal

The Mesapharim

The Hebrew for “to count” is saphar. The passive participle masculine plural means those-who-count, it is written mesapharim and is similar to chayyim (living ones), cherubim, raphaim (giant ones), or nephalim (fallen ones), etc. The word mesapharim, or counting ones, appears in two scriptures,

To the eminent, a song to David: the Heavens are those-who-count [mesapharim] of the honor of El, And the work of his hands is he-who-exposes [or exposer, maggid] the expanse.

Psalm 19:1 Literal

We are not hiding from their sons, to a latter generation those-who-count [mesapharim] the praises of Yahweh, And his fierceness, and his wonderful-ones [participle feminine plural] whom he has made.

Psalm 78:4 Literal