February 11, 2017 Matt Pennock

“The Future is Female”

Recently I posted a little piece to the Red Pill forum on Reddit entitled “The Future is Female” in response to this new slogan now espoused by the women’s/feminist movements. The forum is a source of venting, and finding company among very frustrated men. They are largely on point with many of their complaints but are also largely unwilling to accept any responsibility for what’s going down. Just like Adam. There are nearly two hundred thousand subscribers.

The post received almost 20 upvotes within a week and nearly 30 comments. It created a bit of a stir. The biggest bone of contention (and I run into this a lot) is why should men ask for forgiveness, apologize, or take any responsibility for any of the charges women have been piling on them for decades now? These movements weren’t our fault…

Breitbart published a story dubbed The Sexodus a couple of years ago. It reflects the dominate attitude of our young millenial generation today, both moreso in Europe but also in America.

“Marriage is dead.”

“Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding…”

“Social commentators, journalists, academics, scientists and young men themselves have all spotted the trend: among men of about 15 to 30 years old, ever-increasing numbers are checking out of society altogether, giving up on women, sex and relationships and retreating into pornography, sexual fetishes, chemical addictions, video games and, in some cases, boorish lad culture, all of which insulate them from a hostile, debilitating social environment…”

What a thing, men are retreating.

Here’s the post The Future is Female:

Aside from the good products of the feminist movements (i.e. fighting against repression, rights to vote, etc.) these have obviously not been the ultimate objectives. Betty Friedan had a far more profound “utopic” vision for starting the feminist movement. Feminist literature across the last few decades has not been so shy in hinting at this. This vision was and is nothing less than political power and dominance. Not all self-proclaimed feminists may share the vision, but it is the vision. For thousands of years the fight for power in the world has been between men. Politics have been dominated by men. That a mass movement of women is fighting for political power over a state is quite unprecedented. The reasoning, for them, is simple: “Men have always ruled–it’s our turn.” But any fight for power means intrinsically that there is an enemy–the one who has the power. If women did not fear men, they would not care if men ruled. But they fear them now. That women have begun to see men as an enemy is also unprecedented. But why? What did men suddenly do to make their daughters fear and turn on them? What did the fathers of the World War I and II eras do (or not do) to provoke their daughters to grow up and rally against men for power? If it wasn’t these fathers, what was it?

They are convinced, like any political movement or revolutionary, that things will be better when they are in charge. The end objective is to see men following, submitting, and doing the bidding of women. It’s not really a secret any longer. The truth is being told to us loudly now with the recent women’s march and Hillary’s statement the other day: “The future is female.” As much as the feminist movement has accomplished, and as much as women have gotten (they are CEOs now, being nominated for president in a major party, young single women are now out-earning their counterparts in every major city in the US, etc.) the movement has only gotten more intense. Their accomplishments have emboldened them. The feminist movement is showing itself for what it’s really about.

The sins of the past are being heaved upon you (the sons) by the daughters in this generation. We, the sons, never saw it coming because we were born into this mess without a chance to even know what’s going on. We’re being asked to pay for something, a debt, that we still don’t understand, if we even recognize it. Our fathers built, ruled, governed, and held power but that’s not the real problem. They made us some awesome things as well as the most powerful country in human history. It’s because those same fathers repressed or provoked their wives and daughters (as well as others) that these women have marked them out as enemies. But they have died, the feminist movement has grown, and now we, the sons, are being exacted the punishment. It’s unfair to say the least, but inevitable. It’s not that these women count all men as enemies, mind you. It’s just the manful ones–those who seek strength, honor, and to follow their natural instinctive capacities for building, governing, and protecting. These capacities are wired in men just like the religious experience is wired into our brains. You can’t just tell them to stop it any more than you can tell a dog to stop barking. Men won’t fight women. We all know that’s shameful. They might repress, they might abuse, but they won’t fight them. So the mass of men today are leading lives of quiet desperation in “man caves” (another unprecedented thing in human history). What else is there for an authentic man to do but step aside?

This stuff, interestingly, was prophesied way back in the 6th century b.c. by the prophet Jeremiah:

“For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth– A woman will encompass a man.” Jer. 31:22

A commentary from the 19th century on this verse seems also to prophesy our time:

“The part of a sentinel, pacing round and round his charge, seems most unfitted for a woman. When enemies are abroad, it is the men’s natural duty to perform this part for the women. But in the coming age, the country shall be so free from danger that the places of men and women may safely be reversed.” (Pulpit Commentary on Jer. 31:22)

Of course particular spheres of life remain practically devoid of female presence. The engineering, architectural, and mechanical spheres for example. The agricultural. And above all, the military. They are open spheres but women by and large have chosen not to enter therein. Obviously, it’s not their thing. Men continue, and seemingly will continue, to build everything. And to protect what they build. The homes that single women and single mothers live in, the buildings that women CEOs work in, the farms that women politicians and rulers procure their delicatessens from. When I pass by these construction projects still, the workers are unequivocally male.

Perhaps all this is a judgement upon us? Where can a man go in a land where there is no place for a man? Into hiding? Already tried that. Now even the man caves are under siege.

We know that the future is not female. A female future is impossible. Women would have to enslave the male population to build their homes for them, for male nature will not be subservient to females. Not God Almighty, not evolution, has selected it so. Survival has always depended on men. Which is why the current course will only mean self-destruction and total collapse of society. Feminists know the only way to gain control is through political power and money. But they are forgetting that said political power and money was only made possible by men. Thus, they will have to be very clever in supporting and financing militarized force (of men) to keep men from getting out of line and from pursuing their manful capacities. They will also have to suffer them in some way to keep them building things (because women aren’t going to do that). Men, by and large, will never desire to be subservient to women, it’s God’s design (or evolution’s natural selection, depending on your slant). If God’s design, it won’t change for eternity (which according to the book of Revelation is ruled by one—a man—the resurrected Jesus) or if evolution, not for a million years.

The tipping point has arrived for this doomed scenario. A man’s response must be one of two: 1) be like the man Jesus, and show this influence for the false lie that it is (i.e. true manliness is not evil, but honorable). Definitely a hard path, and you have to be willing to take a hit, but it’s manly–see 9/11 firefighters, our military men fighting and dying for us, etc. 2) sink to animal instincts and prove to them they are right–that manliness is dishonorable, and the era of men ruling must end.

Both courses (feminism and men sinking down to animal instincts) equate only to self-destruction for our society. Men are even going lower than animal instincts to radically independent snake and insect instincts for the more intelligent animals know to stick together (packs, herds, flocks, etc) in order to survive and we aren’t even doing that. Men have to be gutted and retrained in the military just to understand this necessity (called brotherhood) to survival on the battlefield. The time is coming very soon when both lies will be flipped on their heads because our country is no longer safe and isolated from the rest of the tyrannical world by two large bodies of water like it once was. If all those countries of the past that attacked America had the technology of today….. Let’s just say, those days of hunkering down in your man caves playing video games and watching porn in safety are over.

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