January 6, 2017 Matt Pennock

The Decline of Men by Guy Garcia ★

Even with so many bad reviews on Amazon, I still gave this book a shot. I didn’t realize just how hard-core liberal it was until the end when Garcia blindsides the reader with the proposition that we all start worshipping a goddess. What?

The book starts off with what is essentially a widely recognized truth nowadays: American men are getting axed, giving up, and flipping of their future. But the title is misleading as it makes it sound like a defense of men and manhood. It is not. Garcia’s idea is that men need to just accept the changes and start embracing the diaper-changing, goddess worship way of life. It’s like saying, “Yes manliness is down…men are in decline…just embrace it guys!” It is a total denial of reality on so many levels—sociological, biological, and psychological.

And because it was completely devoid of any footnotes or endnotes whatsoever, it is so far the worst book I have read on manhood. Reminds me of getting back papers in high school with the big red letters scrawled across the page, “CITATIONS!”.

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