An Apocalyptic Prophecy for “Women”

There are enigmas and riddles innumerable in the Scriptures. Maybe all of it is a riddle. “Sheep”, “goats”, “vipers”, “doves”, etc. Did you know that “Man” and “Woman” also constitute figures of speech in the Bible? Perhaps the entire story of Jesus is a dark riddle that we have overlooked? The reason no one has stopped to think of the book in this way is because of the fear of Hell. We’ll be damned if we get things wrong, right? The most important things is the “general message” that we’re hell-bound and there is a way out, right? And thus the need of the hour (and every other hour for the last two-thousand years) is the urgent spread of this message is the fastest, thoughtless, and most efficient manner humanly possible–be saved!!!!!!

But what if “Hell” itself is a riddle?

Isaiah speaks of “Women” who are doomed. Collectively they have a “secret part”. “Neck” is symbol of government (as the head is the head of the government).

And Yahweh is saying
Because for daughters of Zion have been exalted
and are walking, stretching-out a neck,
ogling eyes,
walking and mincing, they are walking,
and in their feet rattle bangles.
adonai has scraped-out a crown-of-the-head of the daughters of Zion,
and Yahweh is baring their potah [door-hinge-hole].

Isaiah 3:16-17 literal

Prophecy is an interesting animal. It is clear and yet ambiguous at the same time. It transcends logic into weird, darkly poetic sayings that are anything but plain. It transcends language barriers. It makes “fat cows” to mean “good years” and “skinny ugly cows” to mean “bad years” (Gen. 41). Ultimately, it makes you very, very uncomfortable. Alas, nothing is as it seems…

“For it is no secret who will not become clear, nor hidden-away whom no, shall not be known and come into clearness.” Luke 8:17 literal