Is manhood a glory?

When was the last time you heard anyone say something good about manhood? For many of us, we’ve grown up in a world that has told us that ‘manhood’ is nothing more than an invention of selfish men and no good for anyone. For over two centuries in America since the Industrial Revolution traditional manhood has been in a significant decline. For the last fifty years it has been under relentless attack, accusation, and condemnation as something nefarious and even diabolical. Meanwhile, no sufficient alternative has ever been given to men. The “sensitive male” paradigms haven’t worked. Men are desperate. They feel they’ve been sold short. They are angry. They are even suicidal. They feel like their own society simply doesn’t care about them anymore.

Is there hope?

In this three-part book series, an enormous work of a nearly a decade, thousands of verses and passages from the entire Bible are extracted and studied with careful attention to sound hermeneutics and dozens of commentaries, lexicons, and historical orthodoxy, Matthew argues incontrovertibly that following Christ is not an effeminate undertaking. God’s foremost command to people in the Bible is to repent. His foremost command to his sons is to “be strong.”

Strong is a groundbreaking book that explores in-depth what the Bible really has to say about men and manliness and seeks to answer these difficult questions about weakness and strength. With over 1000 scriptural references, countless historical references from Plato to Karl Marx, and a close examination of the Greek and Hebrew texts, Strong is not just another fashionable book for men. It’s a bulwark of truth in a postmodern, egalitarian world.


References and Scriptures



Volume 1

The Manhood Crisis

  • Men Are The Problem
  • The Deconstructed Man
  • The Male Social Deficit
  • Lost Boys and Murder-Suicide
  • Men, Church, and a Prophecy
  • The Struggle for the Church
  • The Politically Correct Bible
  • Alone
  • Men are Called to Greatness
  • Strength vs. Cowardice
  • The Blessing of Strength
  • Reflection

Who You Are

  • The Head and the Dirt
  • From One Man
  • Stages of Manhood
  • The Truine Man: Spirit, Soul, and Flesh
  • Jacob Wrestles with God
  • Strength Does Not Mean Authority
  • A Man’s Purpose
  • Male and Female: Complementary, Interconnected, and Interdependant
  • You’re (Not) Born a Man
  • Identity: Leader, Protector, and Provider
  • Identity: Father
    • The Seed of Adam
    • The Seed of Abraham
    • The Seed of the Word
    • The Father’s Name
    • A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters
  • Identity: Husband
  • Identity: Fighter
    • The Warrior Spirit
    • Physical Muscle is also God’s Design
    • The Battle of Faith
  • Identity: Brother
  • Reflection

Volume 2

How to Be

  • Brotherhood is Crucial
  • Gird Up Your What?
  • A Stable, Gentle Heart
  • A Heart of Boldness
  • Fear Not the Man
  • Be a Man of Your Word
  • Be Money-Smart
  • Anger and Aggression
    • Be Slow to Anger
    • Avoid Unrighteous Anger
    • Cultivate Righteous Anger
  • The Anger of the Lord
    • The “Eye for an Eye” Precept
    • The “Turn the Other Cheek” Mandate
    • The “Eye for an Eye” Fulfillment
  • The Paradox of Suffering
    • You Will Suffer as a Christian
    • Suffer Well
    • The Furnace of Affliction
  • Reflection

Volume 3

What to Do

  • Just Say No to Passivity
  • Work?
  • How a Man is Designed to Work
  • Live Sacrificially
  • Fight Peacefully
    • Warrior for God
  • War, Violence, and Your Cheek
  • Spiritual Wickedness
  • The Honor of Man
    • The Monster Lurking at Every Man’s Door: Sin and Shame
    • How to Die for God
  • Love Your Wife and Children
    • Seek Understanding
    • Guide Your Family
    • Discipline Your Children in Love
  • Seek Out Your Path
    • The Secret of Singleness of Purpose is Community
  • Men of Responsibleness
    • Examples of Irresponsibility
    • Examples of Responsibility
    • Don’t Avoid Responsibility
    • Repenting for Corporate Sins
  • Honor Your Father and Mother
  • Defend the Cause of the Fatherless
  • Mastery and Skill
    • Being a Man of Something
    • Jesus, our Example
  • Treat Women with Respect
    • Spreading the Corners of Our Garments
    • Oneness
    • Adultery
  • Women’s Roles in the Church
    • Original Design or Future Kingdom?
    • We Don’t Regard Anyone According to the Flesh
    • The Curse of the Fall
  • Divorce and Remarriage
  • Reflection

God’s Manly Attributes

  • God the Builder
  • God the Gardener
  • God the Husband
  • God the Warrior
  • God the King
  • God the Father

Moving Forward

  • The 60/40 Question
  • The Solution