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The Manhood Crisis

  • Men Are The Problem
  • The Deconstructed Man
  • The Male Social Deficit
  • Lost Boys and Murder-Suicide
  • Men, Church, and a Prophecy
  • The Struggle for the Church
  • The Politically Correct Bible
  • Alone
  • Men are Called to Greatness
  • Strength vs. Cowardice
  • The Blessing of Strength
  • Reflection

Who You Are

  • The Head and the Dirt
  • From One Man
  • Stages of Manhood
  • The Truine Man: Spirit, Soul, and Flesh
  • Jacob Wrestles with God
  • Strength Does Not Mean Authority
  • A Man’s Purpose
  • Male and Female: Complementary, Interconnected, and Interdependant
  • You’re (Not) Born a Man
  • Identity: Leader, Protector, and Provider
  • Identity: Father
    • The Seed of Adam
    • The Seed of Abraham
    • The Seed of the Word
    • The Father’s Name
    • A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters
  • Identity: Husband
  • Identity: Fighter
    • The Warrior Spirit
    • Physical Muscle is also God’s Design
    • The Battle of Faith
  • Identity: Brother
  • Reflection

How to Be

  • Brotherhood is Crucial
  • Gird Up Your What?
  • A Stable, Steady Heart
  • A Heart of Boldness
  • Fear Not the Man
  • Be a Man of Your Word
  • Be Money-Smart
  • Anger and Aggression
    • Be Slow to Anger
    • Avoid Unrighteous Anger
    • Cultivate Righteous Anger
  • The Anger of the Lord
    • The “Eye for an Eye” Precept
    • The “Turn the Other Cheek” Mandate
    • The “Eye for an Eye” Fulfillment
  • The Paradox of Suffering
    • You Will Suffer as a Christian
    • Suffer Well
    • The Furnace of Affliction
  • Reflection

What to Do

  • Just Say No to Passivity
  • Work?
  • How a Man is Designed to Work
  • Live Sacrificially
  • Fight Peacefully
    • Warrior for God
  • War, Violence, and Your Cheek
  • Spiritual Wickedness
  • The Honor of Man
    • The Monster Lurking at Every Man’s Door: Sin and Shame
    • How to Die for God
  • Love Your Wife and Children
    • Seek Understanding
    • Guide Your Family
    • Discipline Your Children in Love
  • Seek Out Your Path
    • The Secret of Singleness of Purpose is Community
  • Men of Responsibleness
    • Examples of Irresponsibility
    • Examples of Responsibility
    • Don’t Avoid Responsibility
  • Honor Your Father and Mother
  • Defend the Cause of the Fatherless
  • Mastery and Skill
    • Being a Man of Something
    • Jesus, our Example
  • Treat Women with Respect
    • Spreading the Corners of Our Garments
    • Oneness
    • Adultery
  • Reflection

God’s Manly Attributes

  • God the Builder
  • God the Gardener
  • God the Husband
  • God the Warrior
  • God the King
  • God the Father

Moving Forward

  • The 60/40 Question
  • The Solution

The Apple

  • “Did God Really Say…?”
  • “God is Dead, Nature is Rigged”
  • “Men are the Oppressors, Women are the Oppressed”
  • Atheism, Matriarchy, and the Loss of Soul
  • The New World Religion

The Man Cave

A Hero is A Servant

  • Jesus Teaches Martha

The Bible’s Value of the Woman

  • The Qur’an
  • The Tao Te Ching
  • Confucian Books
  • The Hindu Texts
  • Buddhist Sutras
  • Indigenous Stories
  • The Bible
  • Jesus and Women
  • Wisdom
  • ἀγάπη, Love
  • πραΰς, Gentle
  • ἡσύχιος, Quiet
  • ἀσθενής, Weak
  • κεφαλή, The Head
  • ἐξουσία, Authority
  • The Woman and Her Hair

The Bible’s Identity of the Woman

  • His Name, Her Glory
  • The Soul
  • Appearance as Symbol of the Soul
  • עָדָה, Adorned
  • חֶפְצִי־בָהּ, Hephzibah
  • The Triune Woman

The Female Social Credit

  • The Sin of Shaming

An Examination of Suffering: Job vs. Naomi

When Men are Pro-Choice

Women’s Role in the Church

  • Inequalities are Real
  • Why Women Cannot Rule
  • With Regards to the Flesh
  • The Curse of the Fall or, The End of the World

Conclusion: Reviving Honor