Spiritual language of the Covenants

for these women are two covenants

Gal. 4:24 ASV

Every now and then you will find doorways into the spiritual language of the Bible that may be somewhat obvious, or even blatantly obvious such as here. It is very difficult to enter in. How or where does one begin to comprehend “women” as language used to express covenant reality? Language like this breaks things. It breaks your mind, your thought patterns, all the rules, churches, schools, theology, governments, and probably more than anything your laziness. It clearly doesn’t permit you to be a lazy sluggard does it?

“Strive to enter in through the narrow door; for many, I say to you, will seek to enter in, and will not be able.”

Luke 13:24

The two covenants are indeed like mothers. Or wombs. Or wives. Or women. They conceive. A man sows into them. They have offspring. A man born of one can mate with the daughter of the other bring forth a “hybrid”, an unclean “child” (1 Cor. 7:14). The daughters of one covenant are visible and manifest, harlots. The daughters of the other are as yet hidden, virgins. An on an on the wisdom goes. And how does an unbelieving man become sanctified in a woman, as the verse is read literally? Paul rarely speaks in human terms. In fact, he usually says so if he does, “I am speaking in human terms, because of your natural limitations” Rom. 6:19, 3:5, and Gal. 3:15.

I am frequently shunned, condescended on, or construed as a super-analytical INFPXYZ, for simply studying the word beyond what anybody else seems to. They don’t like the fact that I don’t like the fact that translators mistranslate words to fit their biases. To learn a language you have two options: find someone who knows it to teach you, or decipher it yourself. The former is the ideal by far. But in a world where no one knows God’s language, you only have the one option. You do have to strive, work hard, and put effort into entering the narrow door because the Narrow Door is not a ticket out of “hell”. It is a race to run that yields a great reward. The manipulative nature of “Hell” and the false presentation of Heaven destroys one’s ability or disposition to desire to seek.

The ignorant says in his heart, “Why seek if I get rewarded regardless of my effort? I don’t know what I’m going to be rewarded with, but that’s ok because it will come later! I can seek my own will right now!”

That’s what makes it so incredulous. The lie surrounding hell manipulates people into becoming dumb, mute creatures who cannot be bothered to think. They have no wisdom, because they don’t want it. They see no need. They are cattle. When you ask them what the Gospel is, all you get is, “Moo”. They trade the idea of Wisdom for mere recitation of words, ritual, and repetitive habit. They go to church their whole lives and yet are still somehow unable to settle petty disputes among themselves. Resounding brass. How will they judge and govern the whole world? It’s simple, they won’t. They did not strive to enter the narrow door and learn wisdom, and so be “arrayed beyond that of even Solomon in all his wisdom.” The teachers of “hell” will have a lot of repaying to do for they have effectively shut people out of learning wisdom and seeking honor by scaring them with a “death threat from God” if they don’t enjoin themselves to the Church, when it is the Church that the death threat was sent to all along. What they should have done is shared with them an opportunity to know and be known by God. They should have shown them what it is like to live by wisdom and honor and not by harsh rules. Instead they literally turned the Gospel into a scientific R&D program aimed at achieving the quickest, most streamlined, and most productive conversion-rates possible. Like Henry Ford’s production line assembly. Like Facebook’s sophisticated marketing algorithms. The least amount of effort, time, and money for the greatest output. This is sheer stupidity.