January 14, 2016 Matt Pennock

Sin and Beautiful Eulogy’s “Release Me From This Snare”

These guys remind me of the early church when sin was once a focus of, and even central to, church functions.

When the church is distracted by current issues it tends to lose sight of the real issue which is sin. No problem is solved until that problem is solved.

Why is there death in the world? Sin.

Why is it so hard to live up to God’s standard of manhood in Jesus? Sin.

Why are we so far from God? Sin.

Why did Jesus come into the world? Sin.

Why did he have to die? Sin.

Why do we have to die to ourselves? Sin.

Why do we have to be resurrected with Christ? Sin.

Why do we need to read and learn the Bible? Sin.

Why do we need to repent? Sin.

Why are we so incapable, so weak, so foolish, so bad? Sin.

Why are we unhappy? Sin.

What is the big deal about sin? Death.


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