January 8, 2013 Matt Pennock

“Religion is the Cause of Injustices in the World”

I came across an article entitled “Religion is the Cause of Injustices in the World”. It appeared in a magazine entitled The Rationalist. I was almost interested in reading it since I believe there is a case for religion being linked to much injustice in the world. But then I realized that this title was not even rationally put together. It’s a statement full of illogical reasoning.

One, its an over-generalization. Not all injustices are caused by religion. Religion and Injustices denote such a broad spectrum of things that to put a definitive “the cause” between them is just bad math.

Two, it confuses correlation and causation. Injustices around the world correlate with a lot of religious activity and figures. Therefore, religion is the cause of injustices in the whole world! Street crime drops when hot chocolate sales are up. But this does not mean that hot chocolate prevents street crime. It means fewer people are on the streets when it is cold outside.

Three, it’s causal reductionism. The cause of injustices is a complex one–there are many. Using one cause to explain something is over-simplifying it.

Not that I mean to belittle, but this is from a magazine entitled, The Rationalist. I didn’t read it.

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