February 16, 2018 Matthew

Real Manhood by Creflo Dollar ★★

Creflo Dollar is a prosperity teacher but has written a book on manhood so I decided to check it out. What makes this book and this man’s leadership so misleading is the fact that everything written in the book is spot on. I listened to the entire audiobook. I find it a little presumptuous to put your own photo on the cover of a book entitled, “Real Manhood”.  He peddles the gospel. He is no real man. He is like the Pharisee of whom Jesus said “listen to what they say, but do not do what they do.” Listen to what is said in this book, but don’t chase after thirty million dollar private jets.

He downplays and criticizes scholarship and theologians yet sports the label of “Dr.” everywhere he can. (He didn’t earn the PhD but was awarded it as an “honorary degree” from Oral Roberts University. If he wasn’t such a truth peddler I could give this book five stars. In fact, if you purchased it, tore off the cover and inked out his name, you’d have a pretty solid book loaded with Scriptures that men need to hear.

Creflo cashes in on the truth like nobody’s business. I don’t understand how his followers can be so blind to the fact that he has written this book which encourages men to “be men”, embrace their identity as men in the image of God, lead, and fulfill their ROLES as men while at the same time his wife Taffi preaches and publishes books that are anti-roles and rely on Feminist-Marxist oppression language. That tells me enough of the sham they are instigating against their flock. And why does every single one of his books feature his face? Is he a celebrity? Apparently, because that’s exactly how celebrities sell their books.


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