July 25, 2007

“Oh, America, America!” by Leonard Ravenhill

July 25, 2007

Listen to the message: “Oh, America, America!” by Leonard Ravenhill

Some important points to consider:

– “The biggest tragedy in the world tonight is a sick church in a dying world, there is no hope for the world unless the Church is revived.”

– “I’m quite sure the toughest days for America are still ahead of us”

– Biblical characters wrestled with God over total barrenness and God came. Rachel said “Give me children or I die”. It wasn’t a passing sentiment!

– “I love my bride. I would like to come to her tomorrow. But doesn’t love me, she hasn’t made herself ready”

– “Oh Jerusalem, you killed your prophets, your house is empty!”

– “If you have your living, moving, and being in God you’ll come to the prayer meeting so loaded, you won’t have to work something up!”

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