October 17, 2004

News from Kenya

October 17, 2004

Hello in Christ. I pray everyone is having as good a time in church as we are.

Les I have met your friends, good people to work with. Its funny that I should be the leader of a pastor!

I am on DTS staff helping to lead the school (i.e. small groups, one on ones, and class stuff) I am also running around churches as usual and telling everyone they need to go on missions (whether in spirit or in the body). I think they are hearing me…

I am praying for you Multnomy brothers. I very much feel yours. And I thank you much.

Chris and James are having an awesome trip and learning about the spiritual warfare that goes on around here. God has seemingly been working mightily in them with visions and words for the base, and they have been a bit overwhelmed–doubt, discouragement, fear etc. Pray they would have singleness of eye toward Jesus. And that they would not be undermined of their joy. And that they would guard their words carefully (so as not to scare other students!)

Pray for me, because people ask me a lot of questions, and I want to point them the right direction.

I have more to say. But no time. I am writing from Kisumu, and am now on my way back to the base near Nairobi.

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