Muddy Preacher

So this is it, this drama, this stage, this glory, this rage!

Come get your love on and get hyped on and then chewed on!

Who cares? says the prophet, There’s blood in the sink and broken glass and you missed it, don’t try to find it, it will find you

The train is passing and the wind is catching, people peer from its lonely boxes.

Over and over the tape rewinds in your head, your pride is fake and your fake is pride, but I know you like an eagle knows its prey

I may play to be damned but i’ll be damned if I play, every step is  my best friend

Your time is here but your heart is fear, why don’t you stay awhile my dear? Let’s have a tope of love, and forget the world

Didn’t I say not to turn back? Who will save you?

I say that you should know and I say that you should go

Don’t lie to yourself or you’ll fall behind my friend