July 28, 2017 Matthew

Men on Strike by Helen Smith Ph.D ★★★

I read a lot of books on men’s issues. This so far is the hardest-hitting book from a woman on the male-bashing culture we live in. She is furious with it, and perhaps a little too furious. It’s gotten under her skin. This title being authored by a woman makes all the difference in its poignancy. I mean, imagine if the author was a male.

The premise seems built around the two competing concepts of male-deficiency today: rational response and arrested development. Helen focuses on the rational response mainly. Men are choosing to quit on society. This is true. Very, sadly, tragically, true. But there is also a surge in arrested development as well. Video games built around male-themes are selling by the ten’s of millions each year (not male-themed books) These men have every opportunity to read and gain knowledge. But they don’t. They play games.

Men historically have “made” the woman. They have fought for, built for, and lavished her with their best of everything. Consider the Taj Mahal, built for a wife by her husband, for crying out loud. The Pharoah King of Egypt gave his daughter, the wife of King Solomon an entire city after capturing it.
Today men aren’t making the women but the women are making themselves. And maybe trying to make the man as well. Nihilism has won the day. Men are now depressed creatures. So the $64,000 question is, who’s fault is it?

This book does not hold men accountable to their actions. It’s close, but so far. Men will need to “let God make the man” if man is going to be able to “make the woman” again.

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