John 16:2, When the Church becomes a murderer

Spiritual murder.

They will put you out of the synagogues; but an hour is coming that everyone having killed you will think it is to offer a service to God.

John 16:2 BLB

The thought of course, is that they are serving God as they cleave to a corrupt orthodoxy that they have been conditioned their whole lives to believe. The problem with professors, seminarians, Bible scholars, decorated theologians, and “masters of divinity” is that they did not become Christians after studying and obtaining their lofty accolades and awards. They were conditioned in long-held traditions and commandments of men for many years, even decades before pursing scholarship. Had they learned Hebrew and Ancient Greek prior to “getting saved” they might not have applied as much bias to the texts as they do.

Yet this is discouraged is it not? Indeed, it is even prohibited. One must first adopt the traditions, become thoroughly conditioned in them and build reputation with the older “masters” whom themselves must provide letters of recommendation, and then and only then can a Christian pursue high and lofty distinction and badges of honor. Will a Bible college or seminary allow a non-Christian in? Even the ultra-liberal “seminaries” that promote Islam and political activism and make it a point to accuse and deride certain classes of people as “bigots” are nothing more than corrupt, man-driven machines. Will they let just anyone in? No they will not. Both are pits of miry clay filled with political agendas.

Once the ruling class is challenged, of either sort, even in a kind manner, judgement falls like a predator. See how fast you are put out from one of these places if you question their orthodoxy. It is an act of judgement to put out of the synagogue, for it is evil that should be purged, as the Scripture says. To purge a brother is murder. As the Church blindly waits for persecution and murder to come in the last days, they themselves persecute and murder, and think they are serving God, and thus fulfill Jesus’ word. They are sowing the very thing that comes upon them in the end.