July 20, 2002 Matthew

Jesus Film in Kenya

Hello from Kenya.
Thanks to all who are keeping me up in prayer. It is working goooood…

I need to be quick, so: It is dirty and pretty desolate here. Kenya is in an economical and spiritual pit. The church is very, very active. They can’t handle all the hunger and problems going on, but they sure are trying. 80 percent say they’re Christian, but only 12 percent are church attendees. I’ve made many contacts with pastors and YWAMers.

I can’t exactly hand out tracts here…..they just get taken from me in a frenzy…wow. I’ve been really living up the 1 Chron. 16:23 mandate. Everywhere, everyday. The Jesus film is so good at getting crowds. We had 800 watching last night. Hundreds and hundreds are being saved. Muslims want to know. Alchoholics want to know. Disillusioned church-goers want to know. Its hard to keep up. We show the Jesus film by night, and follow up by day. I’ve lost much sleep, but I’m always able for preaching and witnessing purely by the Lord.

Please keep praying hard. I’m expecting to return to the states in the middle of August now. I will try to send more updates when I can.

Mungu awabariki. God bless you all.