Is God a man? When a Ph.D in Hebrew Bible Teaches Crap

The Mormon church is something of an earthly paradise for the male. They own an incredible amount of land and assets, around 1 million acres of farmland, an insurance and financial services company worth $3 billion, and an internal welfare system. By telling their women, in so many words, that the patriarchal exclusivity afforded men in the LDS church is because “women are more spiritual” they successfully get women to submit to their program. It is oppression by seduction. There is no greater tool against the woman than seduction. Cults of all shapes and sizes from Marxism to “Women’s Liberation” to Mormonism to the new pickup arts and MGTOW movements all use the same ancient tool of the serpent: just seduce her.

If a man seduces [Heb. pathah] a virgin who is not engaged, and lies with her, he must pay… (Exodus 22:16)

Women are truly like water. If they are not surrounded and protected by the boundaries of God’s Word they will inevitably follow the paths of least resistance. I challenge you to prove me wrong. Women are drawn to positive feelings like the moon is to the earth, establishing their orbits around all things “positive”. Again, prove me wrong on this if you can. It’s this very thing that is their blessing and beauty. They have a way of finding and bringing positivity out of anything. But it also becomes their curse when sons of destruction lure them away by means of “positivity” to partake of the lust of their eyes. “She saw that it was a delight to the eyes.” (Gen. 3:6). Eat that fruit. Go on, it will be good.

Avraham Gileadi (who is not a Jew, despite the name) is a Ph.D in the Hebrew Bible and the author of his own scholarly translation of the book of Isaiah. It caters to the Mormon belief system which views God as a man. In fact it equates God with man. Here’s how he renders Isaiah 38:11:

I thought, I shall not see Jehovah in the land of the living;

I shall not now behold Man among those dwelling in mortality.

He capitalizes the word “man” under the notion that the verse is a Hebrew parallelism and thus means God is a “man”. He explains in his footnote commentary,

The synonymous parallelism of Hezekiah’s not seeing “Jehovah” in the land of the living and his not beholding “Man” among those dwelling in mortality characterizes Jehovah as a man, albeit a divine Man. In spite of Judeo-Christianity’s Hellenistic concept of an amorphous God, therefore, the biblical God resembles an exalted man (Genesis 18; 32:24-30; 32:24-30).

Any Hebrew scholar worth their salt knows that Hebrew parallelism exists. They should also know that there are different forms of Hebrew parallelism. Moreover, of all people, a Ph.D in the Hebrew Bible should know that the Hebrew word “adam” refers to “mankind” or “Adam” and does not mean “man” in the singular. The main Hebrew word for the singular “man” is ish (אִ֖ישׁ). He should also know that Numbers 23:19 says very plainly,

God is not a man [Heb. ish] that he should lie, nor a son of Adam that he should repent…

So the correct reading in the literal is,

I said, I shall not see Yah, Yah, in the land of the living, I shall not observe adam again among the inhabitants of the world.

Gilieadi, along with the Mormons, falsely accuses all of Judeo-Christianity of having an “amorphous” view of God which is to say, God doesn’t have an image. This is false. Modern egalitarian Christianity sees a bifurcated image of God. The Jews see a masculine, Messianic image of God. Orthodox Christianity reveals a Fatherly, Husband, Warrior, Maker, King, Savior, and Priestly image of God. This is why we cannot trust “scholars” just because they hold a Ph.D. Without the Spirit they are blind as bats. You cannot understand the Scriptures and learn knowledge, wisdom, and understanding without the help of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:2). Anyone can gain a Ph.D in Hebrew Scriptures and apply all the human wisdom in the world. But human wisdom gets you nowhere but the pit and everyone you lead.

And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual. (1 Cor. 2:13)

The Mormons are suffering from a 60%-40% ratio, women to men, along with Christianity. So, something like 8 million Mormon women are subjected to a repressive lie that manipulates them into subjection and they don’t even know it. That is, until they feel inclined to leave the cult at which point they are guilt-tripped and/or shamed by the leadership. Feminists don’t seem to care about protesting the LDS. The world loves its own. “We tell women they are more spiritual than men!”