May 3, 2009 Matt Pennock

Into the Wild by John Krakauer ★★★★

51lubrx4cvlI loved this book. It invigorates your craving for the wildness of nature and at the same time a lot of respect for its mysterious ways of destroying you.
I appreciated the philosophical mixture in the biography of this guy Chris. It reflected in so many ways my own searching for identity as a being that was brought forth from the earth not having grown up with my father…

Fathers are the glue of society and when they do not impart true identity to their sons, or a twisted identity, the society falls apart and destroys itself. I think Chris had a deep disdain for our self-destructing social patterns; a disdain fed directly by the misdirected parenthood of his own father.
The connection between the man and the earth is intimate, no doubt. The problem is, the earth can be unforgiving, brutal, and at times, monstrous.  I think when Adam fell, his calling to subdue the earth became impossible. Chris’ story is one amongst many that testifies of this. Krakauer (the author) also plugs in some stories from other wanderers and explorers and even his own story of climbing “the thumb”. The book lines up with the movie pretty well too. It appears that Chris might have been a believer in the Lord. His heart was aching for meaning and truth…his journal reveals a path that looks like it was leading straight to God; one of his favorite passages from a book he read is in reference to the Gospels (Doctor Zhivago). We’ll know soon enough.

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