Instructions to the Elect for (End Time) Marriage – ‘No Marriage in Heaven’

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‘No Marriage in Heaven’

The Sadducees asked about marriage in the resurrection. This, another verse run into the ground by the Church, was a prophetic question, whether the Sadducees realized it or not. They are those who didn’t believe in a resurrection here, not unlike the mass of Christians today who believe they will end up in some ambiguous cosmic paradise beyond space. A revelation is found in the fact that they remarked that they had seven brothers who all shared the same wife.

Here is a great mystery: This is the exact set up of Abraham’s sons who were eight. One brother was born of Hagar, and six others were born of Abraham’s concubine, Keturah. Out of the eight sons, seven were not born of Sarah. These seven sons represent the seven Churches, seven sons of Abraham. Isaac is the only son of promise and he, as we have seen represents the eighth hidden Church, the concealed Virgin, hidden away in her chambers making ready for her Great Day when she breaches the Heavens to usher in the Church of a new beginning.

Christ says there will be no more worldly institution of marriage. These seven brothers will be like the angels in heaven which are servants. To whom? The bachurim and the bethulot.