Instructions to the Elect for (End Time) Marriage – In the Regeneration

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In the Regeneration

It is these of the Heart of Christ, the sons after God’s heart being conformed to his very image, who become the baals of the earth.

you shall be called Hephzibah, and your earth Beulah: for the LORD delights in you, and your earth shall be owned. For as a bachur-man owns [baal] a bethulah-virgin, so your Builders will own [baal] you; Isa. 62:4-5 Literal Translation

Most translations render the word “builders” as “sons” because of the similarity but sons should not marry their mother, should they? The NIV and YLT translate it correctly. Builders. Think and ponder the regeneration as a rebuilding of a new kingdom in perfect justice and wisdom. An ancient prophecy comes to mind…

In the Most High giving nations to be inherited, In His separating sons of Adam — He setteth up the borders of the peoples By the number of the sons of Israel. Deut. 32:8 YLT

This is the proper translation of the verse. The nations were not given an inheritance but are given as an inheritance. The sons of man are divided up by the Most High as an inheritance according to the number of the sons of Israel. All of which is inherited by his Chosen Ones:

But the LORD’s portion is his people [the sons of the Most High], Jacob his allotted [חֶבֶל – line, lot] heritage. Deut. 32:9

From the sons of Adam, to the sons of Israel, to the sons of the Most High. Mary chose the good portion. What portion have you chosen?

If you’re confused by now, I must admit, I’m not sure I could explain any of this that much better without writing many, many more pages, for story after story in the Bible testify to this truth. Profound mysteries are naturally very difficult to explain as you are forced to constrain the spiritual by the limitations of the natural. Especially when the picture is so vast and detailed, and the language is multi-faceted. The real gateway to arriving there is faith. You must be believing, and go after it. Do not be unbelieving like Thomas. Place your finger in Jesus’ side and believe! Come now! Look close! What point was there for Thomas to place his hand in Jesus’ side but to realize something was missing!

The logic and sense of everything will slowly, but surely fall into place, brother or sister. Don’t worry about being hung up on any one thing. There are over 31,000 verses which speak to this powerful story of the Gospel. A good rule of thumb is: As long as you are looking for rules in the teaching, you will never find the truth of it. Rules don’t set you free. Truth does. Repent and be baptized!

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