July 29, 2002 Matthew

Hundreds Coming to Christ

Hello my friends,
everything is great.
I have done much witnessing and open-air preaching in the last couple of weeks. The Jesus film team I was on has finished their outreach, in which hundreds and hundreds came to Christ, and I am now back with YWAM and have already helped on a YWAM team doing some open-air and witnessing. Pastors want me to come back and minister, and many have offered me places to stay. I also had the opportunity to teach to a youth group (ages 20-30) which was great. I will be here until August 18th doing more open-air preaching and witnessing, because it is so easy and crowds gather in a heartbeat. People even come up to me asking me to help them get delivered of drinking, or a cult, or even wanting to leave Islam. I’ve not experienced that before but it’s great!