February 1, 2018 Matthew

Home-schooling bash-fests.

Articles are being published (again) calling for home-school regulation such as this one, “The sickening danger of home-schooling“. “It’s time we regulated home-schools.” Why? Because of a freak who locked up a bunch of kids in a house. The event speaks nothing to home-schooling. But for Marxist freaks it’s a case for slandering something they do not like. Home-schooling has nothing sickening about it.

I don’t home-school kids. I don’t have any. I wasn’t home-schooled.

But its precisely these kind of asinine arguments that make me believe in its validity and want to support it all the more. Usually, when I see this kind of idiocy—and this guy is a true idiot—I find that there must be a lot of truth at stake. Truth is more often than not attacked in the most banal and ridiculous of ways. Attacking truth to begin with is stupid and it makes you look stupid. Like a dude standing in the middle of a freeway and arguing that he has a right to be there. I treat it almost as a rule of thumb: just look for the most idiotic, crass, and illogical pundit freaks out there and what it is they seem to care about attacking the most and you’re more than likely to find something powerfully good and true. It’s these people who are sickening.


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