December 4, 2004

Held up by Arrows and Plundered

December 4, 2004

Thanks for your prayers of protection and blessing on my life!

The other week was rather unique for me since it’s the first time I’ve been held up by bows and arrows!

One night that I went out to pray as is the custom for many of us, at around 10pm, and just beyond the gate to the compound, 3 bush men (actually watchmen) all with bows and arrows, right in my face, surrounded me and requested money. Now I was really close to the base, so I at first thought they were Ywamers and as they approached I said Hey, Hallelujah! Then I saw the arrows and was a bit confused. Anyway, I had nothing, but they took my cap. I should have been afraid, but God was present. I was however, thinking about what it would be like to be shot with an arrow. But not this time. As they left I said, Mungu akubariki, which means God bless you. And I heard one reply “thank you”. So that was cool.

I also heard the my friends Gabriel O’Mala and Thomas whom I know from 2 years ago had once been ambushed by bushmen as well while praying outside the Ywam compound. Please continue praying for protection around here. It has been invaluable!
A few days later some clever person pick pocketed my wallet out of my front pocket($23 lost this time). Don’t ask me how. Nairobi is notorious for crime…

Now the good news is that, only days later, I received a letter with $20 U.S. in it. The Lord gives and takes away…and gives!

A number of people here are becoming missionaries now, and want to go to places like Sudan, however our ideas for a trip there during DTS are scratched. But the vision to go is still there. So we are seeing what will happen next, and perhaps after DTS it could take place.

Had a great birthday. They made a cake which was nice, and then they dumped a bucket of water on me which was also…nice.