May 23, 2018 Matthew

Fight by Craig Groeschel ★★★★★

Fight is a truly brilliant book. A more accurate title for book, albeit less provocative, would be A Theology of Manhood based on the Life of Samson.

For a long time I have recognized that there was easily a books’ worth of incredibly pertinent lessons in the story of Samson. The strong man of the Bible. Samson was the guy who could lift 700 pound doors like another day at the gym. He was also a big idiot. I have also wondered that so few books on manhood talk about him.

I came across this book recently after finding it at the top of the best-selling Christian books on manhod on All I gotta say is Craig Groeschel is a class act and the right man to write a book like this. Also, I was quite relieved to find that a book as power-packed and masculine as this was sitting at top of the best-sellers. Thank God.

This is a book I will be buying a bunch of copies of to share with other brothers. It’s that good.

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