I once asked an old man with scraggly gray hair, beard, and a cheery squint

“How do you know if God exists?”

The old man replied,

“Does love exist? ”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Does good exist?”

“Of course…” I said.

“Does kindness exist?”

“I couldn’t imagine a world where it didn’t!”

“Then that’s how you know God exists!” the old man laughed.

“God is supposed to be present everywhere and fill the heavens and the earth, but I don’t see love, goodness, and kindness hardly anywhere.” I said.

The old man leaned over and, gazing into me, asked, “Have you looked in a mirror lately?”

“What, me? Yea right. I’m ugly.” I mocked.

“Love, kindness, and goodness knows no ugliness. The world is not responsible for showing you God. YOU are responsible for showing the WORLD God.”