January 22, 2018 Matthew

Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth by Wayne Grudem ★★★★★

This is a must have in your arsenal of truth. Where seventy feminist scholars come up with 700 pages of Biblical interpretation as witnessed with the Women’s Bible Commentary, Wayne Grudem comes up with 700 pages of response to such biblical interpretations by himself. Grudem is one of the world’s leading theologians and it’s largely due to a reservoir of passion for the Scripture but also due to his belief in the authority of Scripture.

What it all essentially comes down to in the debate between evangelical feminism and scriptural truth is authority. If you don’t confess the authority of the Word to begin with, it ultimately won’t matter what the Bible says. Even though Jesus himself trusted the authority of it, as he would say, “It is written…”, evangelical feminists will come up with all sorts of reasons that it isn’t authoritative including the accusation that the Hebrew language itself is a ‘male-structured’, ‘androcentric’ language and thus cannot be relied on for truth. Because, well, men can’t be relied on for truth.

This, while ‘confessing’ the inspiration of the Word in the same breath. Liars, perhaps?

Authority goes hand-in-hand with objectivity and logic. Logic alone is not the solution, but an obedient heart. Without an obedient heart, authority will be as a thorn in your side. That is Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth. Grudem probably knows as well as anyone that obedience like this makes you a target of attack and hatred from the enemy.

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