May 23, 2018 Matthew

Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes ★★★★

The Disciplines of a Godly Man and Godly Woman are great books, well titled. Disciplines of a Godly Woman doesn’t tell you how to be a woman, or what a woman is. There is very little theology of the female involved. Rather, it discusses how to be a godly woman. A few relevant issues are addressed such as the great big S-word (submission), Eve as nurturer and mother of all the living, a feminism. I really appreciated the knowledgeable take on the feminist movement, Betty Friedan, Germain Greer, etc. When those figures were brought up I thought, “Finally! A Christian female author who knows who those people are!”

Barbara Hughes is informed on the shyster movements of the 60s and 70s. Most of the disciplines are, in general, applicable to both sexes (i.e. prayer, giving, worship, witness, etc.) What this book does is provide women a “woman-to-woman” discussion of Christian disciplines. I imagine this is a form of contextualization as anecdotes and illustrations are of a more feminine context. The same holds true for Disciplines of a Godly Man and many similar books. It is true, for example, that when you talk about the subject of prayer man-to-man, men are going to be able to relate and learn easier. The Bible is this way as a Father-to-Son book (Proverbs 1:8, 4:10, and on and on) which is why the more women read the Bible, the more they will understand men.

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