Feb. 2009

Deliverance is like a owl perched beneath a moonlit sky
Far above the hindrance of time and gravity below
A gusty breeze ruffles through its feathers but it is motionless
There is much anticipation in the air
It scans the shadows and the blueness of the fields
Looking as if it is at ease, undisturbed in spirit
It gives the illusion of predictability, lucidness
Yet beneath the eminent posture of dignity
Its heart beats for a taste of triumph
Its eyes yearn for fulfillment
All at once against the silhouette of mighty cedars reaching to the sky
It spreads its wings beyond measure
As if to say, “Behold, I am here!”
And darts through its course as though it were planned long before
Effortlessly maneuvering through the shadows
Like a flickering ghost
Engaging its prey somewhere in the depths of the darkness
Its eyes are locked–on what, you cannot discern
But the time has come, the wait is over
And as fast as it made its trajectory, it is back from whence it came
And the scene returns to its previous state
The owl is once again perched high above on its branch
Its feathers only lightly ruffled by a seemingly calmer breeze
The silhouette of mighty cedars barely make a sound as if to ask
“Has something happened?”
The anticipation is gone now, yet the wild takes no notice
Yet the owl knows its triumph has come
And its eyes are satisfied
Its only a matter of time now, before its next kill.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me
and delivered me from all my fears.”
Psalm 34:4