February 5, 2004


February 5, 2004

February 2004

Dear Friends,

Its been a long while since I’ve sent any news of my mission endeavors to those on my list, but the season is yet here again. As of February 7th I shall be in China backpacking for 3 weeks, and hopefully getting in contact with Wayne Schock from Valley View. There is also the possibility of making contact with some Chinese workers from Ywam. I will be taking a bunch of bibles as gifts. There are a number places and towns to go to in china, but I will be playing it by ‘ear’ and go where He leads. There are so many places where people don’t even know what the bible is.

A miraculous thing happened last night.
At our regular home fellowship Sunday night, someone brought a Chinese foreign exchange student who has been here for a short while and is from Chengdu. She knew almost nothing of the bible. I gave to her her first. She is 22. I told her how many languages the bible as been translated into and that its the best selling book ever, at which she was amazed. She told of confusion amongst herself and her peers back home when an American exchange student had once visited them and introduced Christianity. She has a bright delight in our way of life, and expressed interest in being part of it. She said there are no bibles where she lives. Of course I asked many questions of China, and became quite enlightened
that night. I also picked up some Chinese words. I later printed out a Chinese gospel from the computer and gave it to her to read in her own language for probably the first time.
I was blessed.
My China trip seems to have already begun…

The Chinese government prints 2 million bibles a year. However there are 1.3+ billion Chinese people. There are still hoards of places that don’t know what it is. I hope to reach some of them.

Enter prayer. There must be divine appointments and guidance so that my mission may prove fruitful. So this is a call to all who will to pray for me earnestly that I may spread the Gospel as I should. I will be traveling on the trains for much of the time to places out in the boonies where there will be little English spoken. I will also need divine grace to be able to communicate the few Chinese words I am learning when its needed. I am also in need of money for expenses and for Chinese bibles which are $2 each. I hope to take at least 100 new testaments. Please contact me if you plan to pray for me, as I need the encouragement. There have been many heavy blows from the enemy over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to thwart the trip, but thankfully I’m still seated peacefully atop the Strong Tower.

Thanks to all who will and are praying, I can’t express the deepness of my heart’s desire for it.

Until all have heard.